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  • Small bars and restaurants
  • Museums and A/V spaces
  • Convention centres
  • Cafes
  • Retail outlets
  • Recreation centres
  • Gyms
  • Homes

Key Features

  • Compact, high performance
  • Seamlessly combines with the CR 10s and CR 210s
  • Fast integral clamp
  • Easy to install with minimal wiring
  • Can retrofit into existing venues
  • Controlled with a customized app


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ST 23

For applications requiring enhanced power, the String ST 23 is a perfect choice. It features a unique 2 x 3” (75 mm) driver in a rigid, extruded aluminum enclosure with a dedicated omni-directional mounting bracket. Designed without any parallel walls, it eliminates all cabinet resonances. Its innovative design offers wide horizontal and vertical coverage, reducing off-axis variations. The speaker delivers consistent audience coverage with surprising accuracy and projection.
This visually-distinctive enclosure can be installed either horizontally or in vertical position. The curved shape of the cabinet allows surface-mounting close to walls and facilitates ceiling installation by using an omni-directional bracket. The ST 23 can be employed as a stand-alone loudspeaker or can be combined with unobtrusive active sub-woofers like the CR 10s or CR 210s. The ST 23 is available in a black or white finish, and it is ideal for distributed sound, working well in boutiques, small bars, lounge areas, foyers and restaurants.