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  • Stage monitors
  • Live performances

Key Features

  • Stylish and compact Smooth conical dispersion for uniform coverage
  • Coaxial design with flat frequency and phase response
  • Compact, two-way and bi-amped system
  • Dispersion 45° x 80°


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RR 15m

The RR 15m is quite similar to the RR 12m but has that added low-frequency extension.

This high energy stage monitor has a rotatable 45° horizontal by 80° vertical dispersion, giving live performers an impeccable level of sound quality with that extra base. Utilizing customized coaxial driver, the LF section is enforced using a 15” driver, while the HF is reinforced with a 1.75” HF unit. The coaxial design ensures that the sound emanates from the same point, reducing feedback, improving intelligibility and providing uniform coverage

The cabinet is crafted in Baltic Birch and can be used with internal crossovers or with bi-amplification. The smooth and flat frequency response, coupled with low distortion, makes these cabinets uncolored tonality. The customized waveguide with precision pattern control ensures no on-stage acoustic hot-spots.