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  • Auditoriums
  • Large concerts and live performances
  • Nightclubs and loud bars
  • Places of worship

Key Features

  • Compact, high-performance
  • Reflex-loaded, dual 18” subwoofer
  • Fast, integral wall/ceiling mounting clamp
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Can retrofit in existing venues


  • Specifications download

CR 218s

This reflex-loaded, 1400 Watt, dual 18” (450 mm) sub-woofer is the main system optimized for use with the Cello series top cabinets. Designed to extend the low frequency response on all systems, it is ideal for use in live band performances and dance clubs. The CR 218s is an extremely versatile sub-woofer for integrators. Less than 475 mm in height, it can go under stages in venues with height restrictions.

For demanding applications, the CSC Maestro MS 26 controller is configured to perform and its EQ and limiter functions are preloaded in the controller. CC 8, CF 10, CF 12, CF 15, CF 12h, RR 15h and RR 212h are a perfect match for CR 218s.