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Key Features

  • Input: RJ 45
  • Control interface: Two up and down push buttons to gain control
  • Indication: Power status LED
  • Designed to accept RJ 45 interface that supports DC volume control between 0 and 10 volt
  • Suitable for use with the CSC amplifiers, DSP processors or any other remote volume interface which accepts 10 VDC
  • Self-powered, does not require a separate power source
  • Mounting : wall mount


  • Specifications download


CSC VOL 1 is a digital volume control module designed to accept RJ 45 and to control the gain of an amplifier, a mixer or a DSP unit that supports 10 VDC hardwired remote volume control capabilities. Being a self powered unit, it relies on power supplied through its RJ 45 cable. It is best used to attenuate gain through the DC voltage range from 0 to 10 VDC.