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  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Salons and small retail outlets
  • Conference rooms
  • Homes

Key Features

  • Compact, high-performance, reflex-loaded 10″ (254mm) sub-woofer
  • Fast, integral wall/ceiling mounting clamp
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Can retrofit into existing venues


  • Specifications download

CR 10s

Contrabass CR 10s is a low-profile, 10″ (254mm) high energy, reflex-loaded subwoofer intended for low visibility installations. It integrates seamlessly in small venues, including homes and other A/V applications. As the trend of discreet installations in interiors continues to grow, these subwoofers are designed to be concealed and occupy minimal floor space.
CR-10s in combination with the String or Cello series tops makes a fabulous system, and it is recommended for use in situations where a user requires a low-end extension for ambient music. This unconventionally shaped neutral appearance cabinet can be installed on ceilings, against walls or hidden under seating. When used in multiples, the CR 10s can cover a relatively large space and blends nicely with the interiors. The speaker is available in custom colours.